Magic Giant

Saturday, June 10 @ 10:30pm Rackham Stage

This is the joyful spirit of America painted on a vast scenery—lush instrumentation of a hard hit drum, a cello held like a guitar, the intricate folk of banjo and mandolin, and the surprise of a sax spun together and lifted by delicate three-part harmonies. Whirling on stage with infectious energy, Magic Giant is known for inspiring mass dance-alongs and unabashedly sharing their troubadour pop. They wrote and recorded parts of their debut In The Wind on their solar powered shuttle bus as they toured the U.S. and played feel good festivals like Electric Forest, Wanderlust, and Lightning in a Bottle. With their single “Set on Fire” charting at #4 on Spotify’s US Viral 50 and #1 on L.A.’s iconic KROQ’s Locals Only, and with nearly 4 million streams on Spotify, they capture “the energy and spirit of the past few waves of upbeat, passionate indie-folk” (NPR). They make their festival debut headlining the Rackham Stage.

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