Magdalen Fossum

Tuesday, June 28 @ 5pm The O&W Acoustic Stage

When Ann Arbor’s Magdalen Fossum first played the festival at age 11, she packed the lawn, stunning the crowd with her perfect intonation, poise, and confidence. Though she may only be a teenager, you’ll recognize this is an old soul when she takes the stage. Magdalen and her ukulele mesmerize, eliciting jubilant responses from audiences at the top festivals and concert houses throughout Michigan. Named the Open Stage Performer of the Year by The Ark in 2011, she plays ukulele, piano, fiddle, and mandolin to bring to life old standards, twenties jazz, and Django Reinhardt influenced original songs. This past year she was featured in The Detroit Free Press, Huffington Post, and on Michigan Radio/Interlochen Radio. Welcome back this rising star as she delights and entertains with humility and good cheer.

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