KidZone: Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Inversion Goggles, Musclebound, and Oobleck!

Tuesday, June 27 @ 5pm KidZone Tent

Children of all ages can explore hands-on fun tonight in the KidZone! Hands-On staff invite you to try out some Museum favorites.

Inversion Goggles

You won’t believe how the world looks through our inversion goggles. Put them on and try a few simple things like writing your name or high fiving a friend – it might be more difficult than you think!


Stretch your muscles to the extreme with this towering activity.


Roll it into a ball and then watch it ooze like a liquid. A long-time favorite for all ages…and you can even make it in your kitchen!

An interactive area for our youngest festival-goers, the KidZone tent provides a fun and safe area for children and their parents to discover and explore a wide variety of hands-on activities with different community partners. From learning karate, creating homemade instruments, or meeting prehistoric critters, KidZone offers different nightly activities for families at Top of the Park.

Led by community partners, all sessions are free, and take place from 5 to 8 pm every Tuesday through Sunday at the KidZone tent at Top of the Park.

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