Judy Banker

Tuesday, June 27 @ 5pm The O&W Acoustic Stage

Rooted in 60’s folk and vintage country, Ann Arbor songwriter, singer, and acoustic guitarist Judy Banker explores familiar territory and delicately makes it her own. Taking cues from Loretta Lynn to Gillian Welch, her songwriting is intensely personal, sharing warm love songs, lamentations, and narratives reflecting on her home life and work as a psychotherapist. Though new to recording, with 2014’s debut Without You and 2016’s Devils Never Cry, Judy has long been a part of the Ann Arbor music scene. As Maggie Ferguson, host of WXOU’s The Old Front Porch Radio Show, put it, “Judy Banker’s music remains contemporary, rich in everything the modern listener appreciates about old-time country music.”


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