Chris Dupont

Friday, June 23 @ 8:30pm Rackham Stage

Ann Arbor’s Chris Dupont’s focused baritone, effortless guitar work, and visual lyrics invite listeners in and ask them to consider passages between time and place. Full of sonic textures and thoughtful arrangements, his original folk songs are pure listening pleasure. With influences ranging from classic American songwriters like James Taylor and Tom Waits, to artists like Bon Iver and Philip Glass, DuPont continues to strengthen his original songwriting, branching wide across conventional genre divides. In his latest album, Outlier, the classic eloquence of the 70’s collides with what he calls “a present-day catharsis.” He and his band were 2017 headliners at Rock The District on State Street, are putting out a live EP this year, and will fill out their sound tonight with eclectic instrumentation including cello, piano, dobro, and lap steel.

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